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    This place still operable?

    I will see about driving some traffic to it from the FB group. We are here, and not going anywhere. Just need to remind folks of that.
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    Welcome to the forum - feel free to scroll down and see the classifieds.
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    Any moderators around to kick these weed sellers off of here?

    It's been cleaned up. @jbullard1 you and GTK have the ability to use the spam tools now.
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    Please post pics. Good luck with finding a trade
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    New here

    Welcome to MSDeer!
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    Twang from MSGO

    MsGunOwners. Welcome Twang!
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    Ruger America 6.5

    Congrats on the sale!
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    Please pray for my son

    Prayers sent.
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    Sorry folks, I had to head to get a procedure done, and that kept me down for a bit. All is well and fine, let me see if I can that iphone.
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    Not sure if you caught it, but I said free.
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    I have an iPhone 6, I'll send to you without charge if that works. Decent shape, GPS is a bit wonky though.
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    What Y’all Been Up To Lately

    I haven't been flying fishing in years. I do miss that.
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    Are you looking for a certain version?
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    Anyone been doing any fishing?

    I want to do some ocean fishing. I do miss that.
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    What Y’all Been Up To Lately

    I had a doctors visit via a Telecommute, it wasn't bad. I've been using Walmart pickup for my store runs weekly or so. Eating more at home, and less out which is great. I'm looking at a number of home projects and getting them tackled.