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    Some pics of my Colorado trip...Story added

    Elk are the only thing more fun to hunt than turkeys. I wanna go back. Memories.
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    New Tag

    My new tag came in. Y'all will know me if you pass me.
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    Also the owner of a new set of notes

    No. I got the V8. I toyed with the idea of the EcoBoost and researched it for a good while but decided on the 5.0. I kept my last truck almost 19 years and no major issues. I don't know if the EcoBoost can do that.
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    Also the owner of a new set of notes

    Sold it to a buddy for his kid. Gonna make him a chic magnet I reckon.
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    Thinking about a new 4wheeler

    Who makes the Tracker? I am so out of the loop.
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    2019 QSMA Squirrel, Sasquatch, and Ivory Billed Woodpecker Hunts upcoming

    It won't be long til we start hitting the woods in search of the most wily of forest creatures, the grey squirrel. We are always looking for new folks to join us. There will probably be some combo fishing/still hunting trips starting in October. Just holla if you need information or are...
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    Also the owner of a new set of notes

    My new set of notes. This is the first new truck I have bought since 1993. I usually buy used trucks but decided to get a new one this time. Looks like a similar color to Chad's new Silverado. I got the bed liner in today. I really like it. I am not a fan of drop in or spray in liners so I...
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    New truck...

    I bought a new F150 last week. My 1st new truck since 1993!! I drove it down to Clarksdale to see my dad last Saturday and it averaged 21.7. Liking that part. Not too happy about my touchscreen glitching. Gotta get that checked out.
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    Man! I have missed FireCloud. He has terrible recall when hunting stories are involved. It's like he was on a totally different trip.
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    proud papa...Updated with videos and pic

    Re: proud papa I am gonna try to get these videos in order... they were kinda broken up. Dalton was competing for the Choong Sil Taekwondo National Championship Federation (CTF) today. He won the United States Taewondo League (USTL) Nat'l Championship in Philadelphia, PA and the World...