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    Awesome trip!

    The 1st one here is one of the ones I passed in Indiana. I miss judged him.
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    Awesome trip!

    Just got home from a hunt in Kentucky and Indiana. I managed to tag out in Kentucky but ate tag soup in Indiana. I didn't kill in Indiana but passed a couple of good bucks one of which was killed a couple days later. We killed 3 Saturday morning in Kentucky 154", 141", and a 136" and managed...
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    Hurricanader Olga

    Wasn't until just south of tupelo. Has completely devastated our area.
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    Hurricanader Olga

    Most of y'all are probably unaware but Olga somehow reformed just south of my house. Wind gusts exceeded 100mph. Alcorn county was considered state of emergency with over 20k out of power. Mine was out for almost 74hrs. I lost my driveway bridge, several huge oaks, barn roof gone, fences &...
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    2019 Elk

    Congrats buddy
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    Public Hunting

    I was in the sharps hunting club a few years back about 15yrs ago.
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    Hello, newbie from Alabama

    Welcome again. I actually live in Corinth.
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    New to hunting

    Welcome friend. Hope you stick around and share your experiences with ua
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    Public Hunting

    What part of Al are you in? I am in the Corinth area and we have several wma around the ne corner of the state
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    2019-2020 deer contest

    When I get in this evening I'll get a tally of members that are up for the contest and maybe we can put together a few teams.
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    Some folks have all the luck...

    Wowwww those are awesome bucks!
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    Headed to Kentucky!

    Just got home. Headed to plant plots here now
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    Headed to Kentucky!

    Well I saw a few bucks and killed a fat nanny. Watched a really good buck across a bean field for 35min yesterday evening. This is him This doe managed to run 300yds then took a 25' fall off a bluff. This was the 1st deer I've ever had to pack out. She ran straight down the mountain I was...
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    Couple of boys roaming around

    Killshotz you wouldn't happen to be in the Corinth area would you?