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    Anyone been doing any fishing?

    Another good smallie last night!
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    Anyone been doing any fishing?

    We have been staying on Pickwick when work allows.
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    Where ya'll at

    I'm still around lurking. I bought a bass boat and have started tournament fishing. Still hosting my kayak tournaments every weekend as well. Work is wide open and garden is starting to make.
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    What Y’all Been Up To Lately

    I’ve just been working, hunting, and fishing.
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    Anyone been doing any fishing?

    I have been catching a few myself.
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    How's everyone been

    All good here just waiting on rain to stop and grass to start growing
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    Private Land and Trespassing

    Not sure how many acres you have but all of the properties I hunt I place cams on travel paths to catch trespassers. One property I hunt is 90ac and I have 6 cams. 4 of which are mainly for trespassers. Cellular cams are getting more and more affordable, I would suggest one of these. As well as...
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    4 year quest finished

    Stud!! Congratulations buddy
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    My Son’s Buck

    Congratulations to him awesome deer
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    Im back

    Glad to see you back on here buddy. Good luck the rest of the season
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    Sky Lake WMA

    I've never heard of it. Just curious why would truck have to be left unlocked?
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    10x42 or 10x50 Binos

    This is the exact ones I have. For the $$ they are awesome.
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    Pretty good buck down

    Awesome buck! Congratulations
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    Starting to chase in Yazoo

    That's awesome. Just starting to see scrapes and such here in Alcorn county. Good luck.
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    Midlife crisis....

    Guess you could say this was a midlife crisis purchase. I've always wanted a custom rifle with a Swarovski scope so I jumped in this season. I bought a Remington 700 AAC-SD chambered in 6.5 creedmoor and sent it off to LRI (long range rifle incorporated) to have it fluted, blueprinted, and...