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    Well? How did everybody do this year?

    This is typical of what I saw. I walked up behind a hay bale with my horses to get this shot.
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    Well? How did everybody do this year?

    I didn’t harvest anything. All the bucks were 3 1/2 or younger. Pretty frustrating since I let that same size walk every year before. Wish I knew what was happening to them. Didn’t even get any good ones on camera. All that said, I did see lots and lots of deer. Still had meat from last year, so...
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    12/24/2020 10 point

    Congratulations Dusty!!!! That is a bruiser and your patience sure paid off! How wide? Are you going to have a mount done? I would!
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    Another season has come and gone

    They go by faster the older I get. I’ll leave my cameras out a few more weeks. I sure hope a lot of those nice young bucks will give me some excitement next year!
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    I got so angry reading this. People can be so inconsiderate. This guy leasing should know better than to call a game warden about this, let alone press charges without talking with the landowner first. Kudos to you Pat for having the written permission and for having it with you. I don’t feel...
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    Even here in Yazoo I saw a nice young 8 point chasing this morning while I sipped coffee in my sun room.
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    First public land deer

    I’m a ground hunter myself. I have 4 tripods, but only 2 have seen me this year. It’s a challenge to get them from the ground with no blind. I’m glad your son is exposed to that. Congratulations to y’all!!
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    been good year for me another 8 point

    Seriously? That is so incredibly great!!!!!! Let’s hear how this one went down. You are doing something right for sure. Congratulations!!!
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    Thanks. I enjoy doing it. I’ve seen a couple of cool things in the process, like the lead between the eye sockets from one of last year’s kills, and the hole in the base of the eye socket from this year’s that was evidently the result of battle since I found the antler fragments in that eye. The...
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    Here are a couple from the past.....
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    Honestly, I boiled it twice this time because I ran out of gas. I probably should have had it hotter to make the tissue loosen up quicker. If you do it too long, the bones get brittle and teeth loose. Try to scrape it free of as much tissue as you can before you boil.
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    Second chance!

    That certainly was meant to be! Congratulations to your young man! A fine fine buck for sure. Enjoy each moment. He will grow up too fast. You are making wonderful memories for both of you. So happy he got that second chance!!!
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    Can’t wait to see that Dusty!
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    I can’t remember the % off the top of my head, but it is the salon strength stuff.
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    There really should be more headings under “after the harvest” or a section for mounts or taxidermy, etc....... Got my head boiled. Now for some bleach.