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    Not great. I just had neck surgery and it’s not looking like I will get to shoot a gun until late season at best. But, my son and I have a good many cell cameras out that he has been taking care of and I at least get to look at the deer every day.
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    Rut bucks last 2 seasons

    I’m jealous! Great deer!
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    We don’t have many resident hogs and don’t want them, but usually have a few come in and raise little ones in the spring, then leave. We try to catch and kill all we can.
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    River crossing times

    Sorry, I wish I could help, but the only river I have ever hunted by was the Mississippi River. They will swim it, but not on any any pattern I could determine.
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    Buck Harvests this week

    jb2leather, first of all welcome to the site. Second, congratulations! Like jv I haven’t hunted much this year, due to health issues. Waiting to have back surgery and just got over Covid. Hopefully I can enjoy this last week a little. Itt’s been many years since i failed to kill a deer, but this...
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    Leupold VX Freedom Scope

    I don’t have any experience with that particular scope, but I do have a Leupold VXIII 4.5-14 50 mm on my BAR 300 WSM. It’s around 20 years old and is still my go to gun. Pros: it has been very dependable. It’s been about 10 years since I have had to make any adjustments to it. It’s always...
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    Acorn Crop

    JV, I guess it’s a perception thing for me. I’ve had to change the ways I always had success hunting and it’s hard to accept that I wasn’t all knowing, haha. I still see and kill deer, better ones than in the past. Parking at the stand works, it just seems wrong. I suppose it’s a mental block I...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Stolen Trail Cameras

    That stinks. Hopefully being there will put a stop to it. I. Hope you figure something out.
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    Looking for Handi Rifles

    I just remember I wanted to get a 35 Whalen barrel to swap out with my 45-70 and was told I would have to send the gun back to the factory to have it fitted to the gun. I decided it wasn’t worth that. I ordered my daughter’s all at one time. I wasn’t trying to hit you up for ammo, only making...
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    Looking for Handi Rifles

    I got my daughter one with both the 44mag barrel and a 243 barrel. I hate you can’t just swap barrels from gun to gun. Each barrel is specific to that gun. I also have a 45-70 and I love it. I found a box is shells for it earlier this year, but I couldn’t make myself pay $75 for them. So yes, if...
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    Squirrel popuulation

    Last year was a bad year in our area for squirrels. I think it was due to the lack of acorns. This year seems to be much better. My son made a puppy training hunt last week and killed 6. It sucks i can’t get out and chase the dogs anymore, but I still love to hear about other people’s success...
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    Acorn Crop

    How is everyone’s crop of acorns this year? Here in southwest Mississippi we seem to have a bumper crop. It’s great for the deer, but sucks for those of us who can’t get out and scout for the good trees and hunt them. Our hunters are seeing about 25% of deer in food plots compared to last year...
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    Stolen Trail Cameras

    Did you manage to get the trespassing under control? If so, tell us what worked so maybe it can help someone else when they run into the same problem. The more tools we all have to work with, the better.
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    Looking for Handi Rifles

    I don’t have one to give up, but I will keep my eyes open for one. I love the 44 Mag. That’s what I always start kids out with for their first rifle. I think I have bought one for all of my kids, nephews and nieces that hunt. My son is 32 and 6’3” and he still hunts with his about half the time.

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