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    Natchez State Park.

    thanks for the edit! welcome to the forum. im not any help on this one. I have only fished there., but fron what i saw it looked good deer woods but that wasnt recent . maybe someone here can help you
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    some of my tree planting(pic heavy)

    Man....i just looked back through the pictures and it brings back a lot of memories about waking up and couldnt hardly move from being sore. lot of daylight till dark planting. Pruning and fertilizing and puting wire cages and mulch around trees all day long. Using a dible tool for days at a...
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    My boy got him one!

    cool...thats always nice making memories with the kids. congrats!!
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    Natchez State Park.

    I dont think you will get much help with an arrogant post like that.
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    First Time

    thats great! i figured hed probably do good. now its time for him try it out on a deer! lol
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    First Time

    at 14....most kids can handle a 270 with not any problem. of course different situations for different kids. as long as hes not really small. should be no problem
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    youth hunters

    good luck youth hunters and better dress warm! lets see some happy hunters! Hope all the youth have some great hunts with lots of good memories this year!
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    2019 -2020 Deer pictures

    Lets post our deer pictures here. We love seeing the "trophy " pictures regardless the size of the kill. Post em up!
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    Need low calorie vinison recipe ideas ( or wild game in general)

    anyone got some good low calorie wild game recipe suggestions? Deer, rabbit, squirrel or mabe duck?
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    2019-2020 deer contest

    like i said not going to be able to join but i always like seeing the contest competitive part of it in fun. why dont yall keep up with what yall kill and give an extra 10 days or so till deadline. like said above....its not going to be to many hunting till cools off some anyway. i think...
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    Asking for some prayers

    Thanks everyone for your prayers
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    2019-2020 deer contest

    Iv joined the deer contest every year but gonna sit this one out with my health issues. probably not gonna hunt
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    Asking for some prayers

    Some of you know iv had circulation problums from veinous disease , lymphedema and many more issues and 5 bloodclots over the years in my legs. I love being around anything to do with the outdoors. I cant sit long, i cant stand long and have to prop my legs up .Im blessed to have God and a...
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    Thinking about a new 4wheeler

    thats nice jv....I have never heard ot that brand 4wheeler either. Id love to get a 4x4 mule side by side to help me get around better.
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    Also the owner of a new set of notes

    Thats a nice truck