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    What Y’all Been Up To Lately

    Staying Home myself. Teresa picks up groceries and free produce that we can. We have canned a lot in the last month and are way ahead of the game. We had 100 pounds of blueberries that were given to us as well as a lot of cabbage and other things
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    Hunting leases

    Does Weyerhaeuser handle the hunting lease as well?
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    Rack Grade AR 15 Suggestions?

    What is rack grade?
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    Most used calibers?

    Even during our primitive weapon season you can use a center fire rifle (Has to be a single shot in some places)
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    Most used calibers?

    MDWFP.Com will have all the info you need I hunt with a 30-06 Remingtom 700LR and 6.5 Grendel AR-15,, My wife uses a 7mm-08 Ruger Compact and a 24-45 Sharps Ar-15
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    Baiting 20-21

    Ms legislature is in session now
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    Baiting 20-21

    Really doesn't matter to me. People will still feed/bait.
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    Another season has come and gone

    Due to health issues I did not hunt this year and my wife hunted only one time. We do have a farmer friend that brought us a couple of deer that had been tearing up their sweet potato fields
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    been good year for me another 8 point

    So happy for you Dusty, Keep after them and glad to see that atv is being put to good use.
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    What kind of bleach are you using? I use a 40% peroxide foam from the beauty shop
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    So it happened.

    I would have it tested, and would not eat it. Your health and safety is more important
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    I'll guarantee the rut is started big time. Best advice I can give is Hunt hard every day you can.
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    Private Land and Trespassing

    If I read your post correct, you need to take down the sign stating You are in Range. That is an open invitation for a law suit. I live just outside of Bruce on hwy 32
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    Extreme Yellow Fat

    I ran across this a few years ago. We were feeding it sweet taters. Not sure if the taters caused it but we trimmed the fat off and ate it.