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    Former member kills a 184" Missouri buck

    Congratulations to Chad
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    Lafayette back in CWD management zone, and Pontotoc out.

    I know what you saying, the processor that i have used for many years closed his operation last year becaof the regulations that has changed.
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    Rut bucks last 2 seasons

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    Cheaper food plots

    About all we ever plant is wheat but this past year it went up a goid bit. We have about 10 different plots ranging from 1 ac up to around 5 acres. We do have a gas line running through our property but only plant a coulpe of food plots on it that range anywhere from a couple acres to 5 acres...
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    Our members have probably killed about 40 so far
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    Love hunting hardwoods, we have one section, the one where the hog pictures are is a mix of hardwoods and pines. The hogs really like the pines and cutover hardwoods areas.
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    We starting to see more and more hogs in and around the acorn trees but still seeing deer too, just hope I can go the next few days
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    More hogs on camera this morning
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    Buck Harvests this week

    jb2leather did I see one of those pictures on a Facebook post in Mississippi Whitetale page
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    Buck Harvests this week

    I’m 71 and been retired for 16 years but have had heath issues for the past 4 years but hope some of that is behind me now.......I hope.
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    Buck Harvests this week

    You done better then I have, I have been under the weather most of the season and only hunted three time but do plane on hunting some this week. Looking for deer or hogs doesn’t matter.
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    More and more of our cameras have been getting more hog pictures then deer.
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    Leupold VX Freedom Scope

    There are a lot of good scopes out there that don’t cost you a arm and a leg, the Vortex is another good scope and Bushnell makes a good scope but it all boils down to your preference.
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    A couple of hogs that we got on camera the last few days.
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    Deer Processors in Your Area

    I do most of my hunting in the Delta are and we use a couple of processors around the Greenwood area but most of the time we have friends that do a great job on processing so we use them.

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