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    Bobcat Mount

    My brother and I both got a bobcat this year. We are looking to do a double mount together with the bobcats fighting in some way. Does anyone have any good ideas or seen any good mounts done this way?
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    New to the Area

    Mostly old pasture land with some thick brush. Surrounded by some thick pine. We have some young hardwoods planted on the outside of the pine leading into our plots. We have great cover on our property but no trees really.
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    New to the Area

    I’ve put cams up and most the movement in seeing is between 10pm and 4am. Thanks for the feedback
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    New to the Area

    This is my first time hunting bow season in Mississippi. I am hunting north of Jackson. I’m getting in the tree about 5:30am and leaving around 10:30am. Afternoons about 3:30 and leaving right after dark. Was curious as to what the movement is like in the early season. Thanks for the help.