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    Man thats awesome - I have been waiting for them to start doing crazy stuff down where I hunt as well. Hopefully that will be this weekend. Congrats on a great buck.
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    First Time

    I left it up to him. I figured once he shot the rifle that he would be interested - and he was for about 4 hours. the magic has passed and its back to X-box it seems. I'm just patiently waiting for him ask to go with me again.
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    My boy got him one!

    That's awesome - great job.
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    First Time

    Yeah he was quite focused in the stand - just didn't get a chance to see anything.
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    First Time

    Man, you guys should have seen it - 3 in the black first three shots - I think the shot surprised him but he isnt afraid of pulling the trigger by no means. He was actually very mature about the the whole experience. I am very proud.
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    First Time

    Yeah - I get it no doubt - but I have a Remington .270 - I thought that would be a lot better than trying to start him with my .300
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    First Time

    Hey guys, Im taking my son hunting to see if he can bag his first white tail this weekend. I grew up in the country and started hunting with my father at a very early age. My son, on the other hand, grew up a little different than me. We ended up moving into town when my son was 3. It was back...
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    Caught one slipping.

    Good Job - nice buck
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    X Bow Question

    I'm trying the new Rage Chisel Point three blade this year - I dont have anything to to tell you about them yet but hope I have a good report for you all soon.
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    Are Thermocells not helping any??? Is anyone using them?
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    Anyone been shooting their bows yet?

    this might be a little long but here goes - I got my bow out and tried a few shots. The issue I had was, I could either see the pin - or see the target - there was not both like there used to be (50 year old eyes I guess) Anyway, I told my wife that I was having problems and her answer was that...
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    Its Itawamba County. That's not part of the CWD management zone.
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    No bucks

    I have been getting nothing but bucks on my cameras - very few does. They all appear to be over 2 years old . One is a big nasty looking 10 point. Of course they will be gone by this weekend..//
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    October 1... Who is going to sweat...

    Im going - lol - plain and simple. Its supposed to be around 60 to 65 Saturday morning I think?
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    Hey guys, Im curious about something. Let's say someone puts out an attractant like Acorn Rage, Persimmon Crush, Buck Jam, or even a small mineral block, for the purpose of trying to get some photos on trail cameras. Then, well after the attractant is gone - turns around and hunts within about...