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  1. flipper

    Gobble gobble!

    Smoked ham!!!! Yum!!!! I know that snow is beautiful, but I’ll just admire some pics if you post some. Rather not have any down here. Enjoying this 65 degree day in one of the tripods!
  2. flipper

    Phil Bryant WMA

    I don’t know of anyone who has yet. Welcome to the forum and good luck on your hunt. Please let us know what you think of it and keep posting!
  3. flipper

    I’m Fired Up!!!

    Ye, he is! I was so surprised to see both of these in the top pic. I had just gone through a set of gates and decided to scan in front of me just to see if there might be some deer. Lo and behold the 10 pt. had just come to the edge of the woods. I kept scanning and saw the 6 stick his head...
  4. flipper

    Sky Lake WMA

    Looking forward to hearing about it. Should be some good activity if not too much pressure.
  5. flipper

    I’m Fired Up!!!

    This afternoon these guys were on the move....
  6. flipper

    Good season so far.

    My husband used to have to drag them out for us. Then we surprised each other with a couple of 4 wheelers for Christmas. Now I hoist them up on a tree limb and let them down in the back of the Mule. I did pull one out with an old horse once. That was amusing.
  7. flipper

    Extreme Yellow Fat

    I’ve seen that too. Nothing wrong with it from that point. Congratulations!
  8. flipper

    Im back

    One thing is for’re not going to go hungry!!!! Nice!!!! Way to go Steve! I’m in the stand now. Have seen at least 5 bucks. Lots of chasing. Glad it’s not as windy today.
  9. flipper

    4 year quest finished

    Whoa!!!!! Congrats on getting him Steve!!! I remember that misfire from last year. Blessed are you to get another chance, but then, you are a very skilled hunter!!!
  10. flipper

    Pretty good buck down

    That is a GREAT story!!!! And a super nice buck! Congratulations! I love a good story like that. Even if you don’t get the deer. But you sure did.
  11. flipper

    2019 lousiana trip

    Wow! I bet that was a fun time with that hoss!
  12. flipper


    Those are great pics. I may have to get one of those..... Good luck Dusty! You have some nice looking bucks there!
  13. flipper

    My Son’s Buck

    Oh yeah! That’s awesome!! Congratulations to him!!! Yes, they are starting to chase good mow
  14. flipper

    yall keep bigsteve in your prayers

    Oh it’s so good to hear from your ol’ sarcastic self:)! I feel better just reading your post! I will do what I have to in order to keep hunting. I love it too much to give up.
  15. flipper

    Im back

    Well, you know I am happy to have you back. Sounds like you’ve had a good season, even with less than ideal conditions. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
  16. flipper

    yall keep bigsteve in your prayers

    Wow! I have missed you and was worried about you and your wife! So glad to hear from you. I sure understand about the arthritis. I’ve got it too and it’s really affecting my hunting this year. Knees hurt. Back hurts. Shoulder hurts. I retired in June and have gone downhill since. Hang in there...
  17. flipper

    Gobble gobble!

    Remember when someone made a post like this and everyone responded? I miss Terry, Big Steve, Curlyjack, Smacko, John David and others. Even ladyhunter is missing. Sad. A sign of the times I guess.
  18. flipper

    Good season so far.

    Congratulations! I should say you definitely are having a great season!!! Is that blood on the second buck’s belly? It sure looks like a spot of brown fur, which would be unusual. Nice bucks! Good luck with the rest of your season!
  19. flipper

    Gobble gobble!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are blessed beyond measure.
  20. flipper

    Starting to chase in Yazoo

    I’ve seen quite a few scrapes Chad, and I realize that it’s just some young ones testing the waters, but I get fired up knowing what craziness is on the horizon!