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  1. bigsteve

    I’m Fired Up!!!

    Yea saw a small one this morn myself they are getting frisky
  2. bigsteve

    Im back

    I kill a couple deer every year for 2 senior couples they love them
  3. bigsteve

    Im back

    2019 bow buck
  4. bigsteve

    Super excited!!!

    There really isn't a cull all deer are trophys some larger some smaller if you like him and he's legal kill him with pride memories are what's important I have taken many trophys over the years and I cherish every one I started bow hunting 50 + years ago took me 11 years to harvest my first...
  5. bigsteve

    New hunter

    I love seeing kids harvest these animals thanks for helping preserve our sport
  6. bigsteve

    Extreme Yellow Fat

    Yes I have not uncommon it Is caused from their diet
  7. bigsteve

    Good season so far.

    Yea he is a good one I have taken 4 larger than him but he is nice for a old guyv
  8. bigsteve

    Good season so far.

    Good ones I have to call on the yahama when I get one down don't even try to move them congrats to you and chad
  9. bigsteve

    Pretty good buck down

    Nice one congrats
  10. bigsteve

    4 year quest finished

    He's a little better than he was last year 11 pts green score 162 he was at least 7 years old I only saw him 2 times in 4 years had him in a camera in my garden in August his scrape line was in the same place every year and
  11. bigsteve

    4 year quest finished

    Missippi garden buck
  12. bigsteve

    4 year quest finished

    Been after this guy 4 years the second encounter miss fired on him last year sand in the firing pin chamber the lady's caused his demize 25 years shot chasing a doe
  13. bigsteve

    Im back

    Haven't been on in a while haven't hunted much with the heat in bow season and the cold in Nov did manage a small buck in bow season and 2 does opening day of gun season will hunt some if it isn't too cold when I get cold it's all day trying to warm up y'all go bust them if I never kill another...
  14. bigsteve

    2019 lousiana trip

    Was a.good.trip caught my largest red yet
  15. bigsteve

    yall keep bigsteve in your prayers

    I'm fine dealing with some health issues me and my wife hopefully we are on the rebound arthritis has all but crippled me can't walk far has limited my hunting to say the least
  16. bigsteve

    Gobble gobble!

    I m here been a lot going on lately will try to visit more often happy thanksgiving y'all
  17. bigsteve

    Awesome trip!

    Good ones boys keep after them I'll support from the recliner