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  1. Curlyjack

    Well? How did everybody do this year?

    Well just ended up with the 2 and got skunked during turkey season.
  2. Curlyjack

    This place still operable?

    My job has kept me very busy, but I start a new one in a couple of weeks that will give me more time to participate
  3. Curlyjack

    12/24/2020 10 point

    Awesome Congrats!
  4. Curlyjack

    Well? How did everybody do this year?

    I got a 6 pt last weekend and my youngest son got a doe earlier. So we have meat in the freezer. Still have a couple weekends to hunt here in the deep south. So hopefully will get another couple.
  5. Curlyjack

    prayers for stickers

    Praying for stickers and his family!
  6. Curlyjack

    been good year for me another 8 point

    Congrats! I have not had much time to even go this year.
  7. Curlyjack

    got me a 8 point

    Congrats Dusty!
  8. Curlyjack

    I know this is a hunting forum but

    Just got some pear jelly from my aunt. Can't get my wife interested in making jelly.
  9. Curlyjack


    Man, that is a neat rack! Good luck hunting him.

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