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  1. gtk

    21-22 season Regs

    The MDWFP website absolutely 100% stinks to high heaven. The navigation is terrible. Found it here
  2. gtk

    This place still operable?

    up and running.. just no activity :(
  3. gtk

    Mississippi Panther Sightings

    how's it going stickers? I thought about you this weekend.. i was back in town for a bit. that place sure is changing !
  4. gtk

    Right rifle scope

    For under $1k bucks you have tons of options. I dont' like all the "knobs and dials" on my scopes either. I want to just point and shoot without having to dial in my scope. A BDC reticle is about as fancy as I want. Try I picked up a nice 3-9x50 Zeiss at a great price...
  5. gtk

    Mississippi Panther Sightings

    Has there ever been a confirmed pic taken in MS of a panther/cougar ? I know there has been many "friend of friend" sightings/pics.
  6. gtk

    Browning A bolt 243

    if it had wood stock, i'd prob be adding to my abolt collection :)
  7. gtk

    Trail camera caught a big deere crossing the food plot.

    sounds like a pony i had as a kid.. would not turn right, only left. stupid horse :D
  8. gtk

    Trail camera caught a big deere crossing the food plot.

    i think it needs another year :)
  9. gtk

    Twang from MSGO

    welcome Twang
  10. gtk

    Heck of a wound!

    Ouch ! One day someone will kill that buck and wonder "where did his backstrap go"
  11. gtk

    How is the season going

    My season is short lived . I got an elk opening morning of 2nd rifle. I got my mule deer the 3rd morning of 2nd rifle. Planning on heading back to MS around Xmas and might get in a hunt or two.
  12. gtk

    Please pray for my son

  13. gtk

    Need advice from folks in northwest

    Does your son have options as to where he can live? no offense to the people who live in Horn Lake, but if your son has the flexibility, there are better options than HornLake. Lewisburg area is great (thats where i used to live) and the schools are top notch Hernando is another great area...
  14. gtk

    How far do you travel to hunt?

    When I lived in MS i had two main places to hunt. One was 10 mins from the house, the other was 45 mins. Out here , I'm still trying to figure it out (draws/points/etc). The place i Elk & deer hunt is 5 1/2 hrs away, but there are other options within 2hrs of where i live. Fishing is...
  15. gtk


    Leave those deer alone until I get back around Xmas and have time to hunt..
  16. gtk

    Not too bad for Stone County...

    Nice one for just about anywhere (in my opinion)
  17. gtk

    Under $400 Youth .243

    Dont think you can go wrong with any of those options listed. I think the model 700 would hold its resale better.
  18. gtk

    Who’s Hunting On The Opener

    i saw on FB where chadbrag killed a good'ern. that's one thing i dont like about CO, my hunting is much more limited. Back in MS i woudl be hunting dang near year round.
  19. gtk

    New to Bow-Hunting

    I'd suggest finding a local small owned bow shop and get them to provide input. They may even be able to help find you a good used bow (although i bet traditional bows are not traded in as much)
  20. gtk

    Summertime in MS

    Yall enjoying the heat/humidity back home ? :) Its warm here this week, but very little humidity. Neighbors complain about the heat, but i tell them they don't know what hot is till they spend a afternoon in the heat/humidity in MS ! We just now turned the a/c on to cool the house off a...

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