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  1. jb2leather

    River crossing times

    I’ve got several crossings that I can and do hunt. The problem is, I can’t hit them all at once. Do any of ya’ll ever hunt river/water crossings in the evenings? Or just mornings? I’m going to do an evening hunt maybe next week, but I only have a couple of days to hunt, because of work.
  2. jb2leather

    12/19/2021 hunt

    That’s an outstanding deer. Congrats.
  3. jb2leather

    Buck Harvests this week

    I hunted the entire week last week, and the week before. The week before was the best, in terms of activity for me. I saw more deer that week than I’ve ever seen in a week’s time. Last week was awful. But Monday, I saw 5 does and had a buck on my cell cam about 5 minutes before I walked the...
  4. jb2leather

    Buck Harvests this week

    Thank you. This week has been much slower, but the weather has been phenomenal.
  5. jb2leather


    One of these days we’re gonna do some hog hunting
  6. jb2leather

    Buck Harvests this week

    If it was the one with the dogs, it may have been the fella I called to help me track. I don’t do any facebooking anymore.
  7. jb2leather

    Buck Harvests this week

    I’ve hunted hard this year. I’m also lucky to have an 8-5. And even luckier to hunt 30 minutes from home, and some days in my backyard.
  8. jb2leather

    Leupold VX Freedom Scope

    Up until last year, I used the same ol Simmons on the .270 I’ve hunted with for 20 years. Then I bought a new rifle. And then another new rifle. I went mostly off of customer reviews. I’ve never heard anything bad about Nikon, though, I just don’t have any experience.
  9. jb2leather

    Buck Harvests this week

    I took my annual 2 week hunting vacation last week and this coming week. In the last 3 weeks, I’ve seen more deer than I have in the last 2 years. One spot, I couldn’t get a nice to stop chasing tail, so I didn’t get a shot off. Another, I watched a young buck chase a doe for several minutes...
  10. jb2leather

    Deer Processors in Your Area

    Rut’n N Cut’n in Crystal Springs off of HWY 27 is now my go to. Van’s has always been our processor of choice because we lived a mile from it. But now we’re a little closer to crystal springs and they have a hamburger blend we absolutely love.
  11. jb2leather

    Leupold VX Freedom Scope

    Thank you. I didn’t realize I’d never posted before. I got a Hawke when I bought my last rifle. It beats getting glasses. I haven’t used the Leupold but a handful of times. Probably 10 rounds through that guide gun. But it handled the big bore easily. I’ve hunted with it about 4 times...
  12. jb2leather

    Leupold VX Freedom Scope

    I’ve got a 3x9 VX Freedom muzzleloader on my 45-70 guide gun. It doesn’t hold light like my Hawke, but it does a fantastic job and holds a zero on it quite well.

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