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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Squirrel popuulation

    Last year was a bad year in our area for squirrels. I think it was due to the lack of acorns. This year seems to be much better. My son made a puppy training hunt last week and killed 6. It sucks i can’t get out and chase the dogs anymore, but I still love to hear about other people’s success...
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    Acorn Crop

    How is everyone’s crop of acorns this year? Here in southwest Mississippi we seem to have a bumper crop. It’s great for the deer, but sucks for those of us who can’t get out and scout for the good trees and hunt them. Our hunters are seeing about 25% of deer in food plots compared to last year...
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    Cell phone coverage

    Be careful what you ask for. Until last year I had never hunted anywhere that had reliable cell coverage. You could get texts out from most of the stands, but calls just didn’t happen. I always wished I had good coverage for cell cameras and makes calls when needed. We now have a cell tower...

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