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  1. LadyHunter

    2019-2020 deer contest

    I got the first one I think, I checked spam folders and can't find any others. I also wonder if a lot of the email addresses are no longer valid.
  2. LadyHunter

    October 1... Who is going to sweat...

    Bow season opens this week, and it's about the hottest opening I can remember. And the mosquitos are big bad and plentiful. For the first time in years I am asking myself if I really care. I honestly think it's going to have to cool off at least into the 80s before I get excited. What are...
  3. LadyHunter

    2019-2020 deer contest

    We just don't seem to have enough people visiting the forums. I don't know if they just haven't found us, just aren't interested or what. As the old saying goes, you can't beat a dead horse. Unless we do individual contest, it looks like it won't happen
  4. LadyHunter

    Asking for some prayers

    praying for you.
  5. LadyHunter

    2019-2020 deer contest

    Perhaps a email blast? Which FYI.... I don't see emails from here...just realized that.
  6. LadyHunter

    Also the owner of a new set of notes

    Nice truck! I have never been a fan of spray bed liners.
  7. LadyHunter

    new - kind of

    Welcome back. It's hard to find a club that fits sometimes. I hope you have a successful season.
  8. LadyHunter

    Help MS deer!!! Please

    I use safari, so far it has saved my log in. It shows the site on the screen under visited often. Using my IPad
  9. LadyHunter

    2019-2020 deer contest

    I'm in, this year can't be any worse for me than last year..... Hopefully!
  10. LadyHunter

    Getting down to earth.

    I like to find a good spot and just sit down sometimes. I have a tree seat that just straps to a tree to keep me from sitting on the ground.
  11. LadyHunter

    Seeds And Turkey

    But having the birds means you have a fairly healthy ecosystem. The property has carrying potential.
  12. LadyHunter

    Help MS deer!!! Please

    I am not sure Tapatalk is coming back. You have to ask the new boss man!
  13. LadyHunter

    Seeds And Turkey

    Be thankful you have birds?
  14. LadyHunter

    Back to school

    There you are!! I hope Sherri is feeling better. I know there was some talk the other day about how to post pictures easily.
  15. LadyHunter

    Help MS deer!!! Please

    I don't think I have seen Terry on FB lately, I better check
  16. LadyHunter

    Help MS deer!!! Please

    Ok people.... Let's try to get everyone back to the forums. I think a lot of people that accessed through Tapatalk think it doesn't exist anymore. If you know people that should be here, text or message them. If you have people on your FB friends list, post and tag them, It is time to...
  17. LadyHunter

    2018 - 2019 season

    Last year was a real bust for me, hoping this year is better.
  18. LadyHunter

    Ready for season

    I keep meaning to go check mine.... But it's just so hot!
  19. LadyHunter

    New member

    Welcome to MSDeer! Looks like you need to do some hog and coon hunting. I have never seen anything coon proof!
  20. LadyHunter

    New paper hole punch

    I have a 9mm and while I like it and enjoy shooting it, it can be a litt large and heavy. I often open carry with the FD and am thinking something lighter.

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