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    youth hunters

    good luck youth hunters and better dress warm! lets see some happy hunters! Hope all the youth have some great hunts with lots of good memories this year!
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    2019 -2020 Deer pictures

    Lets post our deer pictures here. We love seeing the "trophy " pictures regardless the size of the kill. Post em up!
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    Need low calorie vinison recipe ideas ( or wild game in general)

    anyone got some good low calorie wild game recipe suggestions? Deer, rabbit, squirrel or mabe duck?
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    Asking for some prayers

    Some of you know iv had circulation problums from veinous disease , lymphedema and many more issues and 5 bloodclots over the years in my legs. I love being around anything to do with the outdoors. I cant sit long, i cant stand long and have to prop my legs up .Im blessed to have God and a...
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    Habitat work

    Anyone done any habitat work or any kind of preparation on stands or plots and stiff since last season closed. My health with my circulation problems , many blood clots over the years and lymphedema in my legs keeps me from doing much of anything. I like being around all of it but now my kids...
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    Just think...

    Hunting season right around the corner. Love seeing pictures of the newborn fawns.
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    Yall ready for snow yet

    Isn't it time for everyone to complain about heat and wishing for snow. Lol:D