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  1. dustygoodson

    12/24/2020 10 point

    saw him dec 6 two times at 430 and 5 chasing a doe couldn't get a shot yesterday afternoon was watching 3 does at 4pm at 403 another doe walked out he was right behind her 405 i dropped him
  2. dustygoodson

    dove hunt

    good luck everyone going out on a dove hunt in the morning post yall pics
  3. dustygoodson

    2020 cam pics

  4. dustygoodson

    few bass

    bass me my nephew caught today to put in my pond
  5. dustygoodson


    anyone got a verizon iphone laying around don't matter if the screen is cracked message me with info and price long as everything works on it
  6. dustygoodson

    got me a 8 point

  7. dustygoodson

    outdoors with tk mike

    can stream it here
  8. dustygoodson

    2019 cam pics