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    New here

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    Heck of a wound!

    The good thing is, it seems to be healing and doesn’t appear to be infected.
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    Twang from MSGO

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    12/24/2020 10 point

    Congratulations Dusty! That’s a fine deer.
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    Bobcat Mount

    I always wanted one a shelf crouching in attack stance about face high right beside the front door. Sorry I don’t have any good ideas for you, I’m not very creative, just evil.
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    Looking for a youth .243 or 7mm-08

    No problem. Let me know if he is able to help you out.
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    Looking for a youth .243 or 7mm-08

    If you go through natchez during business hours, check out the pawn shop by the bowling alley across from the mall. It used to be named the Barracks, but I heard the name has changed. They usually have a very good selection of guns, mostly used, but he also has another store across the bridge in...
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    Please pray for my son

    He’s in my prayers
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    Great deer, congratulations!
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    Cell phone coverage

    Ohhhh no!!! I’m not going there! There’s not many things I’m scared of, but one of them calls my phone often.
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    New to the Area

    In that case I would focus on the fringes where two different types of cover join and also the creeks and draws if you have any. If you have creeks, walk them to see where the deer are crossing. Also walk the edges of your plots to find where they are coming in. You may be able to find somewhere...
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    Cell phone coverage

    Be careful what you ask for. Until last year I had never hunted anywhere that had reliable cell coverage. You could get texts out from most of the stands, but calls just didn’t happen. I always wished I had good coverage for cell cameras and makes calls when needed. We now have a cell tower...
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    New to the Area

    Sorry I haven’t checked in lately. I have been seeing random movement all day and night On camera. If you have acorns, hunt them. I have a trough that I was putting 100 lbs of rice bran per week in until the last week of September. The acorns started falling and I haven’t put in any since then...
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    Hog Hunting?

    I just can’t find any with horns!
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    Honda Pioneer

    The seats easily fold down to give you a good solid bed. You don’t give up one for the other. The cage is a little more time consuming, but it’s no problem to get off either
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    Trying out a Moutrie Cell Camera this year

    Call SPYPOINT, they can straighten it out over the phone for you. I was having issues getting mine to send pictures, but after calling them from the woods by the camera thinking I would have to make changes, they fixed it and I didn’t have to touch a thing.
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    Honda Pioneer

    My son also had a 700 and went to the 2019, 1000-5 earlier this summer. It’s very comfortable to me, but is still a little stiff. The power steering makes it soooo much more pleasant to drive than the 700. I don’t think you will be disappointed.
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    They still burn through the 12v too, but they’re better, unless you can get it in sunlight most of the day. I got mine in some sun, but not enough.
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    Hog Hunting?

    I haven’t done it in years, but as I remember it, I’m pretty sure you can kill them any time, day, or night, no limit, no bait. The license part I have no clue on. I do know it’s best to let your local warden, or Sherriff’s Dept know if you are going to be out shooting them, especially at night...
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    Hello, first day here

    Welcome aboard! Just listen to the ladies on here. They kill all the best deer.