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  1. Bignasty

    First public land deer

    My boy was able to take his first public land deer yesterday evening. Shot this young spike sitting on the ground in hard woods at 75 yards. He has been brought up I hate to say it spoiled, because he has shooting houses and nice stands to hunt with (heaters, phones, snacks, etc..) Every now and...
  2. Bignasty

    Second chance!

    My boy shot this deer Thursday and hit him in lower belly nothing vital. We trailed him 900 yards to end up jumping him 6 hours after the shot. Needless to say he was not hurt bad and survived. My little man was so upset. He has let so many smaller bucks walk and does, looking for a better buck...
  3. Bignasty

    Little fellas still getting it done!

    Was able to bring one of my youth from church hunting today. He has never killed a deer and my little buddy could not believe it. He said. “Daddy let take him to kill a deer”! Made me a proud father, it’s not about the deer it’s about the fellowship and the time spent in the woods. 14 years old...
  4. Bignasty

    Good Bird from Last Year

    Thought I would share my boys bird from last year. Had 4 beards totaling 24 inches of beard. This was his first bird and he wanted me to share with everyone.
  5. Bignasty

    My boy got him one!

    Well, we have needed some meat and my boy came through for us yesterday. My other son (Tebow my dog), also made a good tracking job on a gut shot deer. We were able to get it done and had a great time. 110 yard shot for a 10 year old is not an easy shot, but he made it happen.