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  1. jv

    We have snow

    Getting a little snow here in north part of the State
  2. jv

    How is the season going

    Just wandering how everyone’s season is going so far
  3. jv

    Shooting houses

    Had to replace the steps on a couple of shooting houses, after about 7 years they needed it bad
  4. jv

    Happy birthday Chad

    Hope you have a wonderful day
  5. jv

    Where ya'll at

    Nobody seems to be doing anything or if you is you keeping quite about it.
  6. jv

    Anyone been doing any fishing?

    I know Greg and big Steve has but any others of you been going.
  7. jv

    What Y’all Been Up To Lately

    I just been setting at home as much as possible only getting out to go to doctors appointments or to the store for the essentials for this non essential person. I hope this virus gets out of here before hunting season gets here. I have hunted about four hours in the past two years and hoping to...
  8. jv

    Happy birthday Dusty

    Dusty i hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday
  9. jv

    Thinking about a new 4wheeler

    Went yesterday and looked at the new Honda's and going either today or tomorrow and that a look at the Trackers. Places I hunt a side by side would be hard to get around on and pretty much useless.
  10. jv

    Happy birthday jbullard1

    Hope you have a great birthday Jerry
  11. jv

    Anyone been shooting their bows yet?

    I need to get my crossbow out and see if I can even cock the thing. Might have to put one of them cranks on it.