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  1. patinlouisiana

    Well? How did everybody do this year?

    Myself, I harvested two does for sausage & stew meat.
  2. patinlouisiana

    Finally got a daytime pic.

  3. patinlouisiana


    I came out of the woods the other day and a man and the Game Warden were waiting for me on the rode. The Warden said this man had filed a complaint that I had trespassed through his hunting lease. Well we have this piece of property that is land locked and we access through this piece of...
  4. patinlouisiana

    Getting down to earth.

    One of my favorite ground stands.
  5. patinlouisiana

    Tune-up time.

    Took the old A.R. out for a tune-up.
  6. patinlouisiana

    New paper hole punch

    Just arrived today. S&W Performance Center M&P .45 Shield M2.0, Ported barrel & slide, RMR red dot from the factory.