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  1. gtk

    Summertime in MS

    Yall enjoying the heat/humidity back home ? :) Its warm here this week, but very little humidity. Neighbors complain about the heat, but i tell them they don't know what hot is till they spend a afternoon in the heat/humidity in MS ! We just now turned the a/c on to cool the house off a...
  2. gtk

    How's everyone been

    i still check in often, but between work and other stuff, i just not have been posting much. Work is absolutely killing me with projects !
  3. gtk

    prayers for stickers

    stickers wife passed away, at a much too young age, on Sunday. prayers for him & the family.
  4. gtk

    2019 Elk

    Well, another successful year in the books for CO elk 2019. Elk were few and far between this year, same for mule deer. However, nephew #3 and I scored second day on elk. #3 got a nice 5x5 and mine was small 5x5. Nephew #4 scored last eve we were there, with a weird palmated elk with no...
  5. gtk

    Fishing out here

    I had to wear long sleeves the other day when I caught these :) Cooking them tonight, so I"ll let ya know how they are compared to crappie.
  6. gtk

    Deal Alert

    Check out your local walmarts. Some have a Remington 1187 Synthetic 3" magnum, on clearance for $249.