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  1. patinlouisiana

    Well? How did everybody do this year?

    Only daytime cam pic I have
  2. patinlouisiana

    Well? How did everybody do this year?

    Myself, I harvested two does for sausage & stew meat.
  3. patinlouisiana

    Trail camera caught a big deere crossing the food plot.

    All of last year it was a NASCAR Dozer! It would only turn left! ;-)
  4. patinlouisiana

    Trail camera caught a big deere crossing the food plot.

  5. patinlouisiana

    Finally got a daytime pic.

  6. patinlouisiana

    How is the season going

    I shot two does early on for sausage. I have not seen a buck except on my cameras and all but one were at night. My three hunting buddies all have one each but nothing great. Typical 6 & 8 points.
  7. patinlouisiana

    12/24/2020 10 point

    Super nice deer Dusty! Congratulations!
  8. patinlouisiana


    Yes. Thanks for asking. Judge dismissed the charges and the “right of way” hearing is pending.
  9. patinlouisiana


    Thanks. That is what we are trying to do.
  10. patinlouisiana


    I came out of the woods the other day and a man and the Game Warden were waiting for me on the rode. The Warden said this man had filed a complaint that I had trespassed through his hunting lease. Well we have this piece of property that is land locked and we access through this piece of...
  11. patinlouisiana


    I have bad ears but I do not recall ever hearing a grunt, snort wheeze or bleet. All I have heard are the darn deer blowing at me :p. Missed a nice one last week. First horns I've seen so far.
  12. patinlouisiana

    Caught one slipping.

    Very nice!
  13. patinlouisiana

    Asking for some prayers

    I'm not a "go to church every week" kind of guy but I do converse with our Lord. You will be the topic of our next conversation!
  14. patinlouisiana

    2019-2020 deer contest

    I think I have enough in my Piggy Bank to enter again this year!
  15. patinlouisiana

    Getting down to earth.

    One of my favorite ground stands.
  16. patinlouisiana

    Tune-up time.

    Our indoor range is only 40 yards.
  17. patinlouisiana

    Tune-up time.

    Took the old A.R. out for a tune-up.
  18. patinlouisiana

    New paper hole punch

    My wife loves her Glock 42 in .380. She will grab it over her Beretta Nano 9 mm in a heart beat. She also sidelined her Bodyguard .38 revolver.
  19. patinlouisiana

    New paper hole punch

    I'll be turning 65 this year and was getting to where I just could not see the iron sights. The red dot is very nice and reduced my groups 50%