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    Midlife crisis....

    Guess you could say this was a midlife crisis purchase. I've always wanted a custom rifle with a Swarovski scope so I jumped in this season. I bought a Remington 700 AAC-SD chambered in 6.5 creedmoor and sent it off to LRI (long range rifle incorporated) to have it fluted, blueprinted, and...
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    Awesome trip!

    Just got home from a hunt in Kentucky and Indiana. I managed to tag out in Kentucky but ate tag soup in Indiana. I didn't kill in Indiana but passed a couple of good bucks one of which was killed a couple days later. We killed 3 Saturday morning in Kentucky 154", 141", and a 136" and managed...
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    Hurricanader Olga

    Most of y'all are probably unaware but Olga somehow reformed just south of my house. Wind gusts exceeded 100mph. Alcorn county was considered state of emergency with over 20k out of power. Mine was out for almost 74hrs. I lost my driveway bridge, several huge oaks, barn roof gone, fences &...
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    Headed to Kentucky!

    Cool snap coming so I decided to head to Kentucky this weekend. I managed kill a older 6pt with no brows last week in the heat.
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    New truck...

    I have been in the market for a new truck for the last 6mo or so. I have driven them all from ford, Toyota, GMC, and pulled the trigger today on a Silverado Trail Boss LT. So far I absolutely love it! Will put some miles on it this weekend as I'm headed to TN then on up to KY lease to pull...
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    2019-2020 deer contest

    A few have asked me if I'm will head up the contest this year. I will gladly do it if there is enough interest.
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    Hope all is well

    I'm looking forward to 2019-2020 season! I will be hunting multiple states in the Midwest again. Actually heading to Kentucky Wednesday then coming back to TN for opener on the 28th. Good luck to everyone!! Full freezers for everyone!