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  1. jv

    Yahoo NWR Youth Hunt

    It has been several years since I hunted on Yazoo NWR but there are some real good deer there.
  2. jv

    youth hunters

    Good luck to all the youth hunters this weekend, be safe, and have fun, make great memories.
  3. jv

    Super excited!!!

    Like said, it will be some good eating
  4. jv

    First Time

    The .270 will be a better choice then the .300, i know everyone has there preferences but i myself just can't see the need for a .300 for whitetails in Mississippi, now that jyst my thoughts.:)
  5. jv

    Hurricanader Olga

    Chad you should have some firewood to sell.;)
  6. jv

    First Time

    The main thing to consider when getting him to shooting is not to start him on a gun with a lot of recoil, a 243 or 7mm08 might be a better choice. Good luck to ya'll and hope he gets to loving hunting.
  7. jv

    Super excited!!!

  8. jv

    Opening in TX.

    Very good buck
  9. jv

    Hurricanader Olga

    I was figuring it got pretty close to your house Chad, there was a lot of damage up in that area.
  10. jv

    New to MSDEER

    Welcome to to our group, go ahead and tell us a little something about yourself and don’t be afraid to start posting things we need someone to fire this plac3 up again.
  11. jv

    2019 Elk

    Glad ya'll had some sucess Waiting on them pictures
  12. jv

    Hello, newbie from Alabama

    Welcome to the site skidboot77, jump on in anytime you want to
  13. jv

    New to hunting

    Again welcome to the forum. We have some members here that just love to give Information to a new hunter. I have been hunting for about 55 years and still learn something new every year. Jump on in and post all you want to.
  14. jv

    First plot

    Welcome to the site 86Buckhuntet. So glad that you joined us. You got does so the buck will come along also. As far as the rut, it will be a while before it gets started. Good luck and enjoy the sport of deer hunting.
  15. jv

    Public Hunting

    First off Welcome to the site and looking forward to your post.:) Any of the Wildlife Management Areas would be good. I have hunted Malmasion more then the others and have had good success there. What area of north Mississippi did you hunt in when you lived here. Holly Springs National Forest is...
  16. jv


    :oops: might not would hunt that place
  17. jv

    Cellular Camera

    That would be my luck Nice deer anyway
  18. jv

    Light Weight Ladder Stand

    The Millennium L-110 21ft. Tall Seat size 20 x 17 Platform 20 x 32 Weight 92 lbs.
  19. jv

    Light Weight Ladder Stand

    Look at the Millennium stands Millennium L-105 17x17 seat 20w x 32d platform Weight 90.4 17 feet tall
  20. jv

    2019 -2020 Deer pictures

    Just as soon as i can get one