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  1. gtk

    2019 Elk

    Well, another successful year in the books for CO elk 2019. Elk were few and far between this year, same for mule deer. However, nephew #3 and I scored second day on elk. #3 got a nice 5x5 and mine was small 5x5. Nephew #4 scored last eve we were there, with a weird palmated elk with no...
  2. gtk

    Some folks have all the luck...

    very nice
  3. gtk

    Also the owner of a new set of notes

    we definitely weren't pulling a trailer . do they all have the same rearend? not sure what his has but would guess 3.55 ?
  4. gtk

    Caught one slipping.

    congrats.. nice heavy horn deer
  5. gtk

    Midnite visitor

    good luck w/him :)
  6. gtk

    Headed to Kentucky!

    congrats on the success chad !
  7. gtk


    Talked to my dad yest, he said it was "hotter than hell". I don't miss that ! It was 37 this am. If it gets any cooler i'm going to have to winterize my sprinkler system a lot sooner than last year !
  8. gtk

    Also the owner of a new set of notes

    you should love the 5.0. my son has that in his truck, gets good gas mileage, has plenty of power. i would rather that his 5.0 than my 5.4. We drove his truck from CO back to MS this past spring. When i was driving it was getting about 21 mpg. With him driving, not so much ;)
  9. gtk

    2019-2020 deer contest

    Blackbeard, I have yet to receive a newsletter. I checked spam folders too. Maybe the emails aren't reaching everyone? Do you have the MX records setup for msdeer net/com?
  10. gtk

    Asking for some prayers

    you got'em
  11. gtk

    2019 Bachelor Group in the swamp

    they look fat and happy
  12. gtk

    October 1... Who is going to sweat...

    congrats I love this time of year.. the critters are getting more active . Actually seeing elk down low now it was 39 when i got up this am.. getting colder tonight/tomorrow. I may have to blow out our sprinkler system before it freezes !
  13. gtk

    Also the owner of a new set of notes

    looks good except for that ugly guy in the first pic.. what did you do with old green ?
  14. gtk

    New truck...

    Good looking truck.. i think they are all about the same as far as ride and dependability now-a-days
  15. gtk

    Thinking about a new 4wheeler

    Nice RIde :)
  16. gtk

    2019 season

    i see tons of turkey, but they are all on private
  17. gtk

    Box Stand/Shooting House Windows

    almost same as JV. I would take some 1x2, run it across a table saw to create a groove for the plexiglass, then build a frame for the plexiglass, using glue and nails. sometimes i would make the groove wide enough for two pieces of plexiglass, and split the plexiglass so i could slide either...
  18. gtk

    2019 season

    I have yet to figure out turkey out here.. They are everywhere, but mostly on private land
  19. gtk

    Ready for season

  20. gtk

    Tune-up time.

    with my AR, i'd be lucky to get any on the paper @ 100