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  1. jbullard1

    First Time

    Start him off with a 22, then move up. Teach safety and shooting technique first of all.
  2. jbullard1

    Super excited!!!

    Your plot looks like it is very wet. Hope you have good luck
  3. jbullard1

    Opening in TX.

    Very nice buck. Congrats
  4. jbullard1

    New to hunting

    Welcome to the forum. The best advice I can give, is to get in the woods as much as possible, look for sign, food sources and bedding areas. Learn to use your weapon and be proficient with it.
  5. jbullard1

    Caught one slipping.

    Great job
  6. jbullard1

    I found this amusing

    I know people like this.
  7. jbullard1

    Luma nock

    That thing made a huge hole
  8. jbullard1

    2019-2020 deer contest

    I have not seen a newsletter
  9. jbullard1

    Need low calorie vinison recipe ideas ( or wild game in general)

    Leave out beans, potatoes, pastas, any sweeteners, and flour. Wild game is good protein, just be cautious with the sauces, also add good veggies
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    Thinking about a new 4wheeler

    I'll message you
  11. jbullard1

    Thinking about a new 4wheeler

    What ever you do do NOT buy in Bruce
  12. jbullard1

    Happy birthday jbullard1

    Thank You everyone
  13. jbullard1

    Soooo ready for deer season

    Are you from here originally?
  14. jbullard1

    Soooo ready for deer season

    That is where I grew up
  15. jbullard1

    Soooo ready for deer season

    What area of Calhoun County? I live in Bruce
  16. jbullard1

    Ready for season

    Nice bucks
  17. jbullard1


    Nice kitty kitty
  18. jbullard1

    Tune-up time.

  19. jbullard1

    I know this is a hunting forum but

    Honeybee and I cook and can a lot. We have done a lot of pears thanks to a great neighbor and some Muscadine jelly
  20. jbullard1

    Weekly newsletter

    Yes I bought it for him 3 years ago but would not lethim take it to Greenwood.