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  1. flipper


    There really should be more headings under “after the harvest” or a section for mounts or taxidermy, etc....... Got my head boiled. Now for some bleach.
  2. flipper

    So it happened.

    I decided to trudge through the mud this afternoon and hunt. I had a couple of cameras to move, so I headed out behind our house. I have seen numerous bucks this year, but nothing really good. They all look young and/or scrawny. Even the does look poor, which is surprising with all the acorns...
  3. flipper

    Not a creature was stirring.....

    Well, a few are. I’ve seen several does this morning, but the only buck was so young you could barely see his antlers. He was chasing. Very quiet now.
  4. flipper

    You know it’s prime time......

    To be in the woods when you pause from your cake making to see what the dogs are barking at and it’s a super nice buck breeding aa doe right in front of your house!
  5. flipper


    Sometimes they are very subtle. Most of the time they are fairly audible. Yesterday a buck was grunting so loud that it was echoing up and down the creek. I mean it was so loud. I never saw him.
  6. flipper

    I’m Fired Up!!!

    This afternoon these guys were on the move....
  7. flipper

    Gobble gobble!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are blessed beyond measure.
  8. flipper

    Starting to chase in Yazoo

    Seems a little early, but I am in this great spot and just heard a buck grunt and then saw him chasing.
  9. flipper


    Headless deer??
  10. flipper

    Some folks have all the luck...

    One of my friends has had some astounding luck early this season. I haven’t had a chance to get details yet, but these two were taken 2 days apart.
  11. flipper

    No bucks

    Not seeing any bucks (mature) this year. Complete opposite of last year. This is all I am seeing....
  12. flipper

    Sitting in the pasture....

    Watching the wildlife. See if this works.