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    Noxubee county rut? Did it actually happen?

    Evening everyone. Wondering if anybody notice an actual rut yet in Noxubee yet. I’ve up there last three weekends and haven’t see anything. Super late or am I that unlucky?
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    Activity in the south

    Anybody notice a lot of early activity down South? I know it’s almost that time but I seen a lot more does at weird times than I remember in the past years. Am I just over excited for the rut?!
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    Phil Bryant WMA

    Afternoon, Anybody hunt Phil Bryant WMA yet? I know the draw hunts started this week. My buddy and I got draw for the 11-13Dec hunt. Good luck on the rest of the season to everyone.
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    Natchez State Park.

    Evening. My buddy and I got selected for an archery hunt at Natchez WMA. We’re excited but also concerned from what little we have read about the place. Anybody hunt that area before and have any advice? We aren’t looking for coordinates or anything, just some insight. Thanks!