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  1. Just Plain Tim

    Small boat/canoe/kayak?

    It’s been a Long time since I’ve been back to MS. I can’t remember what type of watercraft my family used for hunting, fishing, exploring. What is the most common, Useful small boat for any of these? Thanks for any suggestions, and input.
  2. Just Plain Tim

    New to Bow-Hunting

    New to bow-hunting and I’d like to try a traditional bow. I used to shoot a lot, but have never Hunted with a bow. What do You use? Suggest? I’d like a Good bow, but one that wouldn’t break the bank. Thanks for any input.
  3. Just Plain Tim

    Hog Hunting?

    What are the rules for hog hunting in MS? In some states, like AZ it's open season, no license required as they're an invasive species. Tried to look it up on line but haven't found a real answer. Thanks.
  4. Just Plain Tim

    12 Gauge For Big Game?

    My Uncles used to use shotgun for deer etc because of restrictions back in the old days but I never had to. How versatile is the 12 gauge Really for big game? I'm in AZ right now but I don't know the laws and restrictions here on it yet, but what are Your experiences, and what game have you...
  5. Just Plain Tim

    Rack Grade AR 15 Suggestions?

  6. Just Plain Tim

    T/C Contender/Encore

    Anyone here have a T/C G2 Contender or Encore rifle? Whittling down my options, my wants, and needs. There are tons of rifles, shotguns, and pistols I've wanted over the years, but for hunting I keep coming back to the T/C rifles.
  7. Just Plain Tim

    Modern .22lr Falling Block?

    Is there still a USA made .22lr Falling Block rifle still in production?
  8. Just Plain Tim

    Asking Prayer For HIS Direction

    I know I'm new here and don't really know anyone yet, but I ask for Prayer. I've been in a bad place for a while since my divorce, (way too long) and ended up moving to a place I HATE. I've been trying to move for a long time. My youngest son is hitting that age where he's wanting to move off on...
  9. Just Plain Tim

    Most used calibers?

    I'm used to Colorado, and Arizona. What are the most commonly used calibers for hunting in MS? For large game? Small game? Trying to learn what is most commonly used, and the laws, rules, and regulations, Before hand. Thank you.
  10. Just Plain Tim

    New Here. Saying Hello

    Looking to move to MS and just found this forum. Very glad I did! Just wanted to say hello.