12/19/2021 hunt


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Feb 3, 2009
big creek , ms
this season started off not good for me found out in oct i had i bladder stone had to have surgery couldn't do it to dec 6 couldn't do it that day bp was so low so was put in the hospital done it the next day stayed over night got to come home that afternoon and the next day the buck i hunted last year that drop one side early jan i saw him few time with one side well he showed up the day after i got home from the hospital in day light at 430 with 5 does this was the first pic i got of him since last jan i hunted few days not trying over do my surgery never saw him or he never been back on my cam to yesterday i got setup at 3 315 doe 2 fawns come out then little spike he run them in to the woods at 520 4 does walked u and here he comes the does runs back in the woods he turn started walking there way then stops turns walks to a scrape and i shot him and he droped at 522 happen so fast first pics is him from last year has 20 points can hang a ring on hard get them all in a pic29.jpg30.jpg32.JPG15.jpg100_0754.JPG100_0748.JPG

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