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Oct 1, 2008
Houston MS
2:30 P.M. got settled in the stand, its very warm almost 70 degrees. Actuall wore my snake boots today, the land I hunt is very swampy and I have seen alot of cottonmouths during bow season. Mesquitos are everywhere dont know why I took the thermacell out of my backpack.

4:40 small doe comes out into the field from my left and feeds, dont know how she hasnt seen me for all the mesquito swatting I have done.

5:10 The doe continues to feed by herself I just knew another would be with her. I decide to take her remembering that I promised my wife after the third deer I would only trophy hunt and this would make three. she is about 120 yards out and I cock the hamer to the old smoke pole and she drops in her tracks. not the biggest in the world and I thought she was a little bigger she weighed 95lbs. this makes the third this season and none have taken a step, the old 50 cal really does a number on them. I left the camera in the truck so I wasnt able to get a picture off her in the field and took this one at the truck. think I am going to bow hunt for a while and leave the muzzleloader home for a while.


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