2015-2016 Season Summary


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Nov 22, 2011
Yazoo County
Every year I pass on nice young bucks hoping they will grow into trophies. I don't know where they are, but my hunch is that they are much smarter now, or that someone else didn't let them walk. This year was the same. I saw several very nice young ones, including the parade of three that walked by my stand over about 15 minutes. I saw chasing during pretty much the whole gun season, and I wasn't disappointed during my vacation as the rut was in full force. I really utilized our property, rotating my hunting spots and hunting areas that I haven't in the past. I am pleased with our deer population, especially since we don't have feeders or food plots. I wanted to take 2 deer this year (preferably 2 big bucks), but I was satisfied with one buck and one doe. Both were memorable hunts, especially the doe since I jumped out of bed, threw on camo, sped to the hog farm, stalked to my spot, shot the doe and was back home in less than 45 minutes.
It was great to share the season with folks here on the forum and have new members join us and share their hunts, especially with young family members. As every year, I know I'm blessed beyond imagination to be able to carry a gun and hunt our property. I'm so grateful to those who have sacrificed time/ lives so that I do have that freedom. I'm blessed with health to be able to see God's creation and enjoy seeing the leaves change and fall in the Fall, the wildlife including the birds and hearing their songs, beautiful frosty mornings...... God is good. I am blessed.

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