2nd weekend


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Dec 7, 2005
crestview florida via Petal Ms.
wind from the N at 10-15
temp low in the 50s high in the lower 70s
I hunted the persimon stand sat. morning. it is over a mile on a road that you can't drive and someone crazier than me decided to walk it. he walked past where my stand is at but i had placed another lock on stand off the side of the road on my way to this stand that morning.

got in the stand a little after daylight and saw nothing. the guy who walked past my spot came out at 8:00 so i got down too so that i could keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't steal my stand that was on the side of the road.

hung the new stand in another pine thicket that is littered with oaks. there was very little deer sign after the rain we had a few days ago but i know the deer move through there. i hunted the new stand in the afternoon and saw 2 big grey fox. no deer.

this area has seen a 180 on the amount of people hunting it. i was the only one back there last year, this year there are at least 3 other guys hunting the back side around me.

my oldest daughter has a birthday this week so her party is this weekend and i will not get to hunt. i leave town after her party and will not get to hunt the following weekend either.