Dead Deer Stuffed in trees

John A Lutz

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Would like to hear from hunters, campers, outdoorsmen & women who might have seen or know of deer found stuffed
above ground level in or on large trees in any state, east of the Mississippi River.
Such activity is work of the big cats called cougars, mountain lions, pumas, leopards & jaguars.
Since 1965, I've investigated thousands of king cats sightings & collected considerable evidence, proving KING cats do continue to roam freely and inhabit most eastern states.
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Florence MS
No... never seen a big cat.. I did have a small tabby cat follow me to my stand last year.. and if your interested I have pictures of sasquatch doing pull-ups on one of my deer stands :stir:


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Dear Mr. Lutz:

I went out into my woods today to look for dead deer stuffed in trees. Try as I might, I failed to find any. If fact, I did not find any deer...dead or alive...stuffed in trees or stuffed anywhere else. Are you sure deer are stuffed in trees? I have been in the woods a lot over several decades and have yet to see any kind of deer stuffed in a tree.

I was looking for an entire deer but I am now wondering...should I look for deer parts stuffed in trees instead? If so what parts of a deer do these big cats not eat? Should I be looking for a set of deer hooves stuffed in a tree? Or should I look for a deer skeleton stuffed in a tree? How high up in the trees should I search for dead deer?

In our area, various wild animals readily consume any dead carcass of a deer in just a few hours. Thus if you don't find a dead deer right away, you may never find it. But I am a little concerned about going hunting for dead deer carcasses stuffed in trees too soon while these hungry "king cats" are roaming around in the woods. Do these king cats also stuff dead humans in trees?

While I do want to believe your claim about big cats stuffing dead deer in trees, it does sound a bit far fetched. Have you checked with those guys making crop circles at night to be sure they are not stuffing dead deer in trees to play a hoax on you?

BTW, if I find a dead deer stuffed in a tree, what should I do? Can I call 1-800-INATREE to report a dead deer stuffed in a tree? Also, do you pay any sort of "finders fee" to whomever finds a dead deer stuffed in a tree?

I hope to go back into the woods tomorrow and look again for dead deer stuffed in trees. I'm going to also ask all my family, relatives, and friends to start looking too. If we find any, I will be sure to let you know!

Your truly,



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south east La.
yall are gonna think im joking but after katrina we went down to start rebuilding a fishing camp and guess what???? there was a dead horse stuffed about 20 feet in a big tree....was from the surge..also saw boats, cars and alotttttttttt more stuff stuffed in trees that day... :cry:

ive also seen deer, dogs etc stuffed in trees from areas that flood ..never know what yer gonna find in the swamps up in the trees.


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yeah there were all kinds of things in trees after Katrina. Where I live we were totally submerged for Katrina. My house had water over the rooftop. My house was an older house that was raised on pillars about 3 feet, we estimated approximately 18-20 ft of water. I have never seen a deer in St.Bernard in my life and after the storm I saw three of them. Here's one of them i found:

There were a ton of stuff on roofs like you said like this:

Also pretty amazing was this boat that had floated over a levee and into a nieghorhood:

Even some of the houses floated as you can see:

One thing is pretty certain , Guns dont float. I had to leave my guns behind because my kids were young at the time and we had to pack as much stuff as we could and I just didnt truly believe that we would flood as bad as we did, Thanks again Corps of Engineers for failing to maintain the levees :bash:

My point isnt to show a sad story , god knows we have heard them all. I hate to hear the stories now and rarely tell them. I had full coverage insurance on my house and my insurance paid me off for it. I eventually knocked the house down and have since moved on.

The house didnt look bad from the outside but the inside was a totally different story:

Cant forget this one. Its a cross from a local church that they took out and placed on the road entering the parish

I know some of yall wont care to see or hear this story but when saddaddy brought up Katrina and all this talk about things stuck on roofs it brought back memories.I am forever grateful to all those people who helped out with their blood,sweat and tears.You never realize until something like this happens how great people could be.
Sorry, didnt mean to hijack the thread but i figured what the heck anyway.
After all the things that were found "stuffed" on roofs and in trees, not once did i find one that a cat put there


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Those are some amazing pics....I knew it was bad, but thats awful!!! I can see why a lot of people just couldn't go back :(

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