Getting Excited


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Nov 2, 2009
With opening day just three weekends away, I am getting very eager to take my trusty Bear Kodiak Magnum recurve into the woods. It's such a pleasure to pick up the weapon I first bought at age 15 in the summer of 1968 and which I have shot continuously since then. With the opening of this bow season, I will be starting my 44th year of flinging arrows from this bow. The memories of past hunts are treasured and for that reason alone it is simply aweseome to take a deer with this weapon.

The bow is fully capable of taking a deer within the limitation of its range. I limit my shots and consider a season highly successful if I get to fling more than one arrow at a deer during the entire four month season. Last year I got to shoot three arrows but did not bag a deer. You have to make every shot count with this bow and the deer usually have the upper hand.

But occasionally, some deer will make the mistake of giving me a good shot opportunity. This fat doe was killed 10-29-09 two seasons ago. The deer only presented me a facing shot and so I shot her through the base of the neck. The arrow passed through and exited below her front shoulder leaving a good blood trail and a quick kill.

Thinking back over past hunts and looking at photos of past kills has made me ready for season to open! I'm really getting excited now and hope to put a couple of deer in the freezer with my recurve very soon.