Introduction to the 2016-2017 Season


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Saturday dawned chilly with a front that had come through during the night. We are in a drought, so even if we had planted food plots like many do, they would not have germinated. The rain with the front was less than .1". I walked to my new stand location overlooking "the bottom north of Lightning's culvert." As I walked to it, I spotted deer along the way, even what appeared to be a nice 8 point chasing a doe. He chased her in a thicket and I heard him grunt once. A cow followed me and got frisky, bucking as we crossed the dry Walasheba Creek bottom. I got out of her way and she beelined across the bottom, spooking another doe I was watching. I settled in my stand and ........ ahhhhhh, this is a nice location. I didn't plan on shooting anything unless it was a super buck because David had plans to go get cow feed and we had several more errands that needed to be taken care of. After all, it is opening day. Many more days ahead. I think I saw somewhere around 20 this morning, including 2 bucks. I hope for a spectacular season. If I get to hunt any more at all, my hopes will be fulfilled, no matter if I take a deer or not. I will go out on a limb and say that I will take at least 2 does if no good bucks present themselves. Two deer are sufficient for the two of us. We depend on deer meat and I enjoy processing and cooking. I love learning tips from the forum members. I love interacting with the forum members. My friends. I love hunting. I love seeing God's creation. Let the season begin and happy Thanksgiving to all!!!


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I love your attitude!
Here is a tip for all.
Hunt the water, what little there is of it.
We spent a few hours in the dry creek bed Saturday cutting dead falls and clearing a shooting lane to the only deep hole still holding water in the otherwise dry bed. Now we will have a way to get down there with the 4-wheelers for retrieval once the water hole produced a great big deer for one of us. It is the only water lest on this particular 85 acre tract.


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I have been hunting a spring fed creek bed. The deer are using it as a highway. During bow season I saw a lot of does and fawns.
I hunted a different creek area on another property today and killed a big bobcat.

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Great story flipper. The two creeks, that run behind the property still have some water in them and the pond also has water. I don't feel as though water is that big of an issue. At least for the moment.
It was strange to me that the doe I took was covered in a layer of 2 inch fat. More than I have ever dealt with and I mean greasy fat. Plus she had good weight and was extremely healthy. All I am seeing on camera seem to be very healthy and good weight. Don't know what or where they are eating, but better looking than last year's deer.

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