Opening Day, Nov. 23, 2013


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I got up well before daylight so I could enjoy some coffee in the sunroom. We enjoy the few leisurely mornings we get sitting out there by the electric fireplace waiting for the day to begin. It's not as nice as the real fireplace, but nice enough. We heard rain on our metal roof and I knew I wasn't going hunting. My husband left for work and I did a few things around the house before going to the barn to feed our 2 old horses. I locked the dogs in a stall so they wouldn't follow me if I headed out on foot from the house to go hunting. The rain picked up a little heavier, so I got a bowl of raisin bran and went to the sunroom to consume it. I looked down at the barn and saw some of our cows helping themselves to my old gelding's expensive feed. :bash: Unfortunately he shares unlike the old mare who will kick, bite, or do whatever to protect her feed. So here I've rattled on and haven't even gone hunting. Then I headed the rain. Whatever. I spent the next few hours creeping through the pasture and woods to the north. I saw absolutely nothing, but loved my time spent outdoors. That's what it's all about. I headed back to the house and spotted 3 anterless deer way across the pasture, too far for a shot. When I got to the pasture behind the house, I saw that the cows had broken into the hay pen. :bash: Dang cows! And they say "Eat mor chiken." Well, I went to the barn to get some electric fence material. Some of the puppies had escaped from the stall and had a party with a roll of hay baler twin. My husband is going to be so happy when he gets home! :bash: I ran the cows and horses out of the hay (driving the golf cart like a maniac), put the panels back up and put up the electric fence using my solar charger. Then I went to the house, fixed myself a barbeque venison sandwich, and went to the sunroom to eat it. It was pure joy to see the herd react when one of the cows touched that electric fence :lol:............................... I went to the hog farm to hunt that afternoon. I jumped a buck right off the bat, but couldn't get a good look, let alone a shot. Then a group of 5 including a small spike walked right in front of me (remember, I'm on the ground) about 30 yards out. Never knew I was there. I jumped another that I never saw when it was dark and I was walking back to my truck. I did see a big scrape that had been worked really recently and there was lots of shooting this evening all around me. Now, I'm settled back by the fire, watching Ole Miss and Missouri, sipping a glass of chardonnay....The hunt is on! :ylsuper:


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Thank you for reminding me why I sold all my cows!! :smash: :smash: Ever now and then I miss them.

But sounds like you had a good day! :2TU:

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