Practice, Practice, Practice!


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Nov 2, 2009
Fall officially beings in less than six weeks! And, bow season starts in seven (7) more weeks from today! The clock is ticking down rapidly so despite the heat, getting ready for deer season has to be put on the front burner. Given that a couple of weekends you might get rained out of the woods and you just don't want to be clearing trails and banging around in your prime hunting area the weekend before season opens, the number of available weekends left to get your woods activities done is limited. Especially if you have to watch a few football games here and there on those weekends! Better get weeks will pass before you know it.

Hot weather, rain, or whatever, I have continued to practice with my bow. I am now getting the results I like to see...nice tight groups of arrows. I shot a group earlier this week from 15 yards where three of the arrows looked like a compound shooter had fired them...nicely centered and grouped extremely close together in the bullseye. If I can repeat that when a nice fat nanny walks out, I will have venison in the freezer for sure. Here is the photo.

I shot this another group the same day where five of the arrows placed well, with two sets of two arrows touching each other. I like being able to put two arrows essentially in the same hole....especially since I shot this group from a double kneeling position at 10 yards. The more I shoot from a double kneeling position the better I am liking it. The entire instictive aiming process is vastly different when shooting at a target that is level with your own line of sight. I think learning to shoot from a double kneeling position could come in very handy for taking a turkey from a ground blind with a bow.

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