Pre Thanksgiving hunts


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Yazoo County
After a decent opening day, the next day proved to be only fair. I got my husband to run me down the road and drop me off. I walked into the woods and climbed into my tripod with my coffee stuck down in my coveralls. I loaded my gun and then took a sip and heard a couple of noises in the dark. I looked up and saw a squirrel and the looked down and could just make out a deer. It may have had a small set of antlers, but I opted to let it walk. It was a little breezy and chilly and not much going on. At about 7:50, 3 antlerless deer were walking through the woods quite a distance away. That was all I saw from the stand. As I walked back down the road toward home, 3 more antlerless deer were crossing the road in front of me. They all looked nice and healthy. I plan to take a couple of does toward the end of the season if we are still short of meat, but for now, I'm trying not to disturb things too much. When I got to the house, my sweet husband was tidying up the kitchen and washing the few dishes. He's a good man........ After church and a fine lunch at Stubb's, we settled in our recliners for a big nap. Then it was back to the hunt. Again, I got my husband to take me down the road. This time, there was a strange old beat up van parked where I normally go into the woods. I was hoping it wasn't a trespasser. We went on down the road to the hog farm gates and he let me out there. I eased my way to the tripod from the back entry. Didn't see anyone else. Good! Up in the stand, I settled in, but never saw anything. It didn't help matters that the folks in the van came out of the woods (not ours) on the opposite side of the road right at prime time, making all kinds of racket before they left.....
Monday, I walked around our place, covering a large area before the rain set in at 1:00pm. I saw 5 total, nothing to shoot at. They are really working scrapes now! Then, the heavy rain set in....... Tuesday morning I walked over onto the lease after getting the horses tended to. I spotted what I first thought was a big calf across the dividing ditch. It turned out to be a small 8 point, about 14 or 15 inches, and two smaller bucks. They were grazing, but suddenly ran to the east looking as if there was something. I know for sure that they didn't see or smell me. The rest of the morning was fruitless, although I did see lots of rubs. One spot in the woods has been torn up with rubs since I was last there a few days ago. The golden time is approaching.

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