Pretty good buck down

Been a pretty good dry sleep for me on bucks.. killed plenty of does to eat the last couple years and seen some good bucks but just haven’t been able to make it happen. Well that all changed today. Been getting pics of this deer for the last couple months... but about 3 weeks ago he started showing up in my food plot almost everyday about 3 pm.. I mean like clock work.. I told my wife.. that bucks killable.. I’m gonna hunt him opening weekend. Fast forward to Saturday it was cold and rainy and windier than heck down here ... I looked at the temperature and didn’t account for the wind 20foot up a tree and sorely under dressed. Got in the stand at 550 with a slow steady misty rain falling on me. At 930 I was freezing to death and soaked to the bone. I texted my wife who was all warm and cozy in our tower and told her I was walking out to the truck for her to hunt till lunch and then come to the truck. At 1145 she comes out and we go eat a bite. I told her I’d take her back to the tower and go sit on the big field in the tent till dark but she knew I was miserable and said no it’s ok let’s go. So we Went home and did some shopping and such for Thursday. Sunday morning we are back at it by 530 I go pull my cards on the way to the stand and at 330 this buck was standing in the field.. the field she was hunting that morning. Man she was sick... so she goes to a single ladder we have watching our best couple of white oaks that border a ditch .. about 30 mins after daylight she says she hey!! big buck but it was going away down the ditch and couldn’t get a shot. We both hunt till lunch and go eat a bite and get right back at them. At 230 she hears a deer jump the ditch but it turns away from her and never steps out into the food plot. I look over my shoulder about 20 secs to late and just see a big bodied deer cross one of my shooting lanes into the swamp. I’m just sick knowing it’s one of our 2 shooters. As I’m furiously scanning every possible spot he could pop out into the food plot I hear a twig snap over my shoulder and turn around eye to eye with this buck... after a long 10 set she decides I’m not worth his notice and slowly starts feeding across the small end of the food plot headed for the swamp. I wait and wait and wait for him to offer a shot..getting more shakey by the second... after probably 2 mins that felt like 20 he turns his head and looks back the way he came and give me just enough time to shoulder my gi and get the scope on his shoulder.. I keep thinking .. please take one more step and turn just a little.... and he did..and the Ruger did it’s job just like always if I do mine. He never took a step.


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That is a GREAT story!!!! And a super nice buck! Congratulations! I love a good story like that. Even if you don’t get the deer. But you sure did.

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