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Wow, it's been over for a week and a half already! At least I was able to take a doe before it ended. On Jan. 18, after I got home from my multi-class high school reunion, I changed clothes and went across the creek to the back bean field. The wind wasn't right (once again), so I picked up my chair and toted it back down the field road to the first thicket of trees where I could look over the bottom field and the usual deer crossing. Hadn't been sitting there but just a few minutes when I saw several deer coming across the bottom through the sage. The entered the small field in front of me and gradually started making their way toward me. A small row of trees was between them and me and they continued to head in my direction until most of them were right in front of me. I picked out a nice one and put the cross hairs on her shoulder. The 444 fired and she dropped. I could see the shot placement and I knew I had her. Finally. My first doe in 29 years of hunting. At least I had one gun that was on target.......
While I didn't get a buck this year, I did have my opportunities, so I can't say that it was a bad season. I learned a lot, and like Jaystew said, it's the adventure of hunting. That's why it's special and that's why I am looking forward to next year. I have lots of plans for the 2014-2015 season and my hopes are still high..................


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It was a tough season as far as numbers of deer, but I was fortunate enough to take 3 does, and have a little meat in the freezer. I saw a few bucks that I passed on, and I saw 2 shooters, one that I missed out-of-state, and one that didn't present me a shot in MS...
I'm feeling positive about next season, and have some plans that might pay off.

I will have 2 more properties to hunt next season which means more stand selections when the wind is acting up.

Already ready for bow season!

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