Shooting of news crew this morning


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I have been listening to JT on the radio about the goings on this morning and now on lunch have watched the news video and the video of the shooter from his GoPro self filmed video and its so shocking and messed up that the world we live in together has this type of evil lurking around every corner.

This man committed an out right race motivated hate crime against two innocent people yet I don't see Obama giving a statement or anything resembling a comment. Why is it an outrage when Ferguson MO happens but not a peep when this happens? I'm sick of senseless crimes and lack of respect for life.

Prayers go out to the families and members of the news crew who are left to pick up the pieces of this tragedy. I can see the teachings of the bible and the end of days coming into focus daily. It wont be long boys and girls.


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The problem with society is there are no Christian morals. Whether you believe & practice Christianity or not, if people would just live by Christian morals, this country would stop seeing the hate/killings that we do now..

We have turned into a bunch of libtards.


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You are right gtk , people just don't have any morals these day or what their actions do to other peoples lives.
I know I'm a long way from being perfect but I could never be that cold hearted.

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