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Nov 22, 2011
Yazoo County
Maybe with the new technology I can keep up better.......
It's amazing how much harder it is to get up and going as the years go by. I still love to stalk deer in the mornings and sit still in the afternoons, however, when I stalk, every step is accompanied by a joint popping. Nearly every step. The back is really getting stiffer too and just a lot of aches and pains overall, but I'm so blessed and so thankful that I can walk and hunt and especially that I can walk out my door and be hunting. Gosh, I'm sitting here on the ground and a dos is walking up...... And another. I think I've been spotted. Oh well. It's early in the season. The day after Thanksgiving..... That dos is so curious. Fun times!

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Sep 7, 2008
Yazoo County MS
Flipper, I just came out and you would not believe what I had just told Sherrie, prior to reading your post. Let's just say exactly what you posted. Like you I walk out the door and am in the woods. But those walks get longer as the days pass by. The back has me up by two or three each morning, but I refuse to let it put me down.
But, after reviewing my latest pictures and feeling this weather. I think I will hold off till late December. Either I have a bunch of gay bucks, or they haven't split from the bachelor groups yet. All the pictures today we're big bucks that should not be together if the rut is near. Plus no scrapes or rubs to be found. The sad part is if one walked out I was going to take photos. Won't shoot one late afternoon and this warm. Might be getting old.

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Dec 15, 2004
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i was thinking the exact same thing the other day when I was trying to sneak around..

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