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Every year it seems the deer season passes by so much more quickly. It's kind of sobering when I think back and realize how fast my life is passing by. I will say this, hunting has been a part of my life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. It helps me feel closer to God. I see His creation and so many wonderful things happening that happen because He MAKES them happen. It gives me time to pray....time to think about how obvious it is that He is real. The seasons change. The leaves fall insulating the roots of the trees, later decaying and providing nutrients. The bucks have grown their antlers in velvet during the summer, and in the fall shedding to the hardened tines we look for when we hunt. Now the trees start to show the buds that will bloom in the coming weeks. Soon the bucks will drop their antlers giving food to other animals of the woods. Daffodils are blooming and other spring plants are emerging. In time, the trees will regain their canopy of leaves providing the wonderful shade and coolness needed during our hot summers. It happens every year, but it is all a miracle from our heavenly Father.
My season was very exciting and has left me looking so forward to next year. I am pleased with the two 8 points I killed this year. I have so many bucks on the cameras including some really good ones for next year (I hope). I had fun learning to clean the skulls by boiling and then applying the hydro dipping process to them. I look forward to finishing the meat making some sausage for the first time.
I am also grateful for the fantastic friendships I have made here on the forum over the years. It's fun to share things, poke at each other, support each other in the difficult times, and just be friends. I know it's just the end of the deer season for me, but this is a hunting journal, and unless I take it to the turkeys this year (and I may), this is "all she wrote."
The End.


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Flipper I started reading this and it was almost like I had written it myself .I mark each passing year by the closing of deer season and at 61 I know I've counted many more than I have to come .I thank God for them all and for my fellow hunters like you who 'get it " .

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