Thanksgiving Holiday


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Yazoo County
It sure was good to have some time off from work, both to spend relaxing in the woods and also to spend with family. Since we were having the evening meal on Thanksgiving with my sister in Madison, I was free to hunt the morning. I headed to Bottom Stand. There wasn't as much activity as there was the Saturday before, but I still saw a few. As the morning aged, I knew I needed to get back home and start some cooking. As I stepped off the stand, I saw a herd of does and fawns loping along the south end of the bottom, angling towards me. I watched and saw that behind them was a buck. I scoped him and quickly decided he was not a shooter.......other than with my camera. I got several shots as the group continued to come towards me and on into the woods behind me. One finally spotted me and we began the stalemate. The gradually headed back the way they had come. I don't think the buck ever knew where I was. Just that something wasn't right.
Friday morning I basically just walked. I crossed the creek to get a better look at some does/fawns grazing in the back bean field. One doe was a little silly acting and I then spotted the buck behind her. He had a good body, about a 15 inch spread with good mass. I noticed a couple of white patches on his left wither. Then he and the doe disappeared. I watched the other 5 for a while and then spooked them away in order to walk on. That evening I went to my new stand on the 9 acre flat. I hadn't been in the stand 5 minutes when a small doe came walking along. Nothing else.
Saturday, David took me to the hog farm. I walked in on the power line noticing the neighbor had allowed a shooting house to be put up on the power line. I walked in to a spot on the west side that I like to hunt. I saw about 3 does come through with a young buck behind pushing them. He was not a shooter. I saw several other does as I walked around that area. Pulled a couple of camera cards and came home. That evening I went to the north stand, jumping does and a buck. After I got in the stand I saw only 1 doe.
Sunday evening I hunted the Bottom Stand. In all I saw around 20 does/fawns. No bucks. Beautiful sunset and my, the turkeys were talking. I love nature!

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